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Bullet Lures

Bullet Lures - Bullet Minnow (Green Widow)

Bullet Lures - Bullet Minnow (Green Widow)

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The Bullet Minnow was designed for one thing, to catch fish.

Only 3cm long and equipped with an OWNER treble or OWNER single hook. Designed for super long casting to cover a lot of water without spooking fish. They have an aggressive swim action that fish love to hit. I don’t know of any other hard body lure of the same size that can cast as far and this is why its named the Bullet Minnow.

 Cast into fast running water and retrieve. These lures love fast water without tumbling over and you will be surprised as you will hook up fish in this fast current. Slow water they work great and trolling them they are just as good for such a small lure.

Type: Sinking

Length: 3cm

Weight: approx. 3.7g - 4.0g

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