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Dynamic Lures

Dynamic Lures HD Trout (Fire Craw)

Dynamic Lures HD Trout (Fire Craw)

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This amazing lure is popular for its small profile and amazing action. This lure was researched and designed specifically for trout fishing in Colorado, but this lure has gained popularity among trout anglers across the U.S. No other small crankbait has this combination of casting distance, swimming action, maneuverability, and real life-life profile. It works in high current situations like rivers, streams, and creeks, and also works in non-current situations like lakes, reservoirs, and ponds.

Specifically designed for trout and smaller pan fish, anglers soon found that there isn’t a fish the HD Trout Fishing Lure won’t catch. We spent several years on researching and developing this lure and put it to the test with some of the best trout anglers in the country. This little crankbait has become a staple in the tackle box of serious trout fishermen.

Style: Slow Sinking

Length: 57mm

Weight: 2.8g

Depth: 0.6m

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