Pro Lure Prey Minnow - 105mm (Emerald UV)
Pro Lure Prey Minnow - 105mm (Emerald UV)

Pro Lure Prey Minnow - 105mm (Emerald UV)

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The Prey Minnow is the newest soft bait in the Pro Lure arsenal. The design brief was to create a super realistic fleeing baitfish profile. The result is a slick, streamlined, natural presentation that we believe will become our most versatile lure. Available in 3 sizes and 7 colours to cover an array of situations and species, from fresh water creeks and lakes through to the salt, estuaries, rivers, bays, inshore and offshore. A few twitches of the rod tip has the tail flicking and the lure darting from side to side like a frantic baitfish and the predators hunting it down. 

TYPE: Jerkbait              Qty: 8pcs per pack

SIZE: 105mm

JIG HEADS: Light through to heavy

RIG: Ultra light to heavy spin and baitcast

TECHNIQUE: Twitch and pause to fast retrieve to imitate baitfish. Find bait schools and                           work lure around them.

DEPTH: Fish through all depths and around structure.

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