Spinner VIB - BG
Spinner VIB - BG

Spinner VIB - BG

Trophy Trout Lures
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Celta Style lures are fantastic in creeks and rivers but can be a challenge to cast when shore fishing a lake or impoundment due to their light weight, this is where the Spinner VIB really shines, weighing in at 9g you can cast this little sucker clear into the future, putting shore based casting on open waters with a spinning blade back in the game.

The Spinner VIB can be fished like a regular VIB or metal blade, straight retrieve, pause, twitch or bottom bounce, the added attraction of course is the rotating blade that trails the metal body of the VIB.

Trolling the Spinner VIB is also easy and effective and a perfect go to option when your favorite bibbed lures aren't drawing attention.

Type: Sinking

Weight: 9g

Body Length: 25mm

Overall Length: 55mm

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