77mm 9g Floating Cracked Belly Minnow

77mm 9g Floating Cracked Belly Minnow

Trophy Trout Lures Minnow
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We have a floater! 

There is a lot to talk about with this fantastic lure, lets start with the colouring first, as you can see in the images the pattern and colouring is highly detailed with fantastic designs and bold colours but that is only half of the story, the paint itself is made from advanced environmentally friendly materials that have a high impact strength and will not produce harmful substances in our precious waterways.

3D high simulation, holographic style eyes complete the dynamic visual effect of the lure. An internal ball bearing produces the ever important rattle and the whole package comes to life in a lively swimming action.

Type: Floating

Depth: 0.2 - 1.2m

Length: 77mm body - 85mm with bib

Weight: 9g

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