Deep Diving Rattler - 80mm 19g (Colour G)

Deep Diving Rattler - 80mm 19g (Colour G)

Trophy Trout Lures Crankbait
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Predominantly a Cod lure, this deep diver would also be well worth a spot in your trout tackle box, especially if you are prone to swimming a Flatfish or Canadian Wiggler.

Reaching depths of 4+ meters this lure is perfect for deep water fisheries such as the Gordon River and Lake Pedder, just to name two waters here in Tassie, the strong, durable bib and hunched profile produce a seductive swaying action that is best fished slow for optimum performance and maximum depth.

Type: Floating

Length: 80mm Body (approx 120mm including bib)

Weight: 19g

Depth: 4m - 5m

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