Pro Lure XL Shad 200mm - Papaya UV
Pro Lure XL Shad 200mm - Papaya UV

Pro Lure XL Shad 200mm - Papaya UV

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The XL Shad was developed for the sole purpose of chasing big predatory species. Murray Cod, metre plus Barramundi, and the Mulloway we all dream about catching were the inspiration behind the project. Working with some experienced anglers in these fields the XL Shad swimbait was brought to life with specific traits that will have these species chasing it down.

The flat paddle tail design gives an extremely realistic swimming action while creating large vibrations through the water to draw the attention of these ambush predators. Equipped with a split belly design to accommodate weedless rigging making the XL Shad an extremely versatile lure.

Type: Swimbait.  Size: 200mm.  Jig Heads: Light through to Heavy, Weedless.

Depth: Fish through all depths and around structure

Technique: Slow roll, varying retrieve speed.

Rig: Medium to heavy spin and baitcast


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