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Riseley Trout Flies

Beaded Hare & Copper - Red (Tied with Evolution Bead)

Beaded Hare & Copper - Red (Tied with Evolution Bead)

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This Nymph features a Nymph-Head Evolution, Tungsten Beadhead

 The most advanced range on the market, Nymph-Head Evolution is a tungsten fly tying beadhead family molded in the natural shape, size, and colors of the heads of the most common aquatic insects that trout feed on: mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies.

Designed by Martin Bawden

Quality hand tied flies made right here in Tasmania by Riseley Trout Flies, Hobart.

All flies are tied on Kamasan hooks unless otherwise stated.

Matthew Riseley is an avid fly fisherman and has been tying flies for 28 years, the detail and quality of Matthews work is first class.

Available in Sizes #12 & #14

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