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Bullet Lures

Bullet Lures Five-O Minnow Suspending + Rattling (Brown Trout)

Bullet Lures Five-O Minnow Suspending + Rattling (Brown Trout)

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Bullet Lures is an Australian business owned by Jason Pace.

Designed and engineered for one catch fish!

The Five-O Minnow from Bullet Lures has been the secret behind many personal best catches, from trout and bream to redfin, yellow belly, flathead and salmon.

This is a great lure for enticing strikes from even the fussiest of fish. The wide swimming action is complemented by the rattle of the internal ball bearings making it almost impossible for fish to resist it.

The Five-0 Minnow can be shore cast, trolled, straight retrieved or jerked making it a very versatile fish magnet.  

Type: Suspending / Slow Sinking + Rattling

Length: 50mm

Weight: 4g

Depth: 0.9m - 1.2m

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