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Pisces Fishing Tackle

Lurex Cat #6

Lurex Cat #6

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Tassie fishing guide Bill Beck on his Lurex Cat fly...

This fly is used as the top dropper in a team of three flies and is the best catching wet fly I have used personally and when guiding clients, teamed with a Green Machine as point and Krystal Cat as middle dropper. Best fished from drifting boat using a drogue to control the speed of drift. Vary your retrieve rate from short sharp pulls to long slow retrieves until you find a speed the trout like on the day. Also, mix up the depth fished from starting the retrieve as soon as the flies hit the water to counting down in multiples of 5 until the depth the fish are hanging in has been found.

We Say...

The Lurex Cat Fly is right up there with a rabbit strip Zonker and the ever popular wooly bugger as a go to pattern, the Lurex Cat is particularly productive in Four Spring Lake in Tassies North and also in the South's River Derwent for both trout and bream.

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