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Nomad Design

Nomad Design Styx Minnow 70mm Suspending - Brown Sand Shrimp

Nomad Design Styx Minnow 70mm Suspending - Brown Sand Shrimp

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Designed to suspend level in freshwater, the Styx Minnow is perfectly balanced for casting and working as a shallow jerk bait. It has a seductive body roll and tight wiggle and is perfect when used with a twitch and pause retrieve. ​A true suspending lure requires meticulous attention to detail during design and testing.

Featuring and internal weight system designed to achieve super long casts and cover the maximum area. The internal weight system combined with the ability to suspend level makes the Styx Minnow stand apart from other jerk baits. 

  • HD ABS System, an extra strong white plastic for overall strength and durability
  • Diamond Armour internal mesh system, internal strengthening design for transparent colours
  • Triple Shield Protection, a painting process for long lasting colour
  • Heavy duty BKK hooks and terminals.
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