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Pro Lure UltraGar 150S - Emerald

Pro Lure UltraGar 150S - Emerald

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UltraGar 150S (Sinking)

The words 'Revolutionary new Australian Design' and 'Truly Unique' are by no means an exaggeration when it comes to the Pro Lure UltraGar.

The idea of a Garfish style lure was born over 3 years ago and the concept of a lure designed to mimic a garfish seemed ambitious. After all, it takes experience, knowledge, skill and patience to create something as unique as this, but after much research, meticulous, unrelenting testing, and the belief that nothing is impossible, the team at Pro Lure cracked the code and perfected the recipe.

The Pro Lure UltraGar features a precisely formed body that creates an irresistible swimming action, allowing it to closely mimic a real garfish.

Sinking. Comes standard with a rear single hook for maximum holding power and the ability to sink with a shimmy to entice the bite! Weight: 35 grams.

The UltraGar is best fished with swift walk the dog style retrieve to achieve a darting skipping action or twitch and pause. 
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