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Seaguar R18 Bass 100% Fluorocarbon 240m - 4lb

Seaguar R18 Bass 100% Fluorocarbon 240m - 4lb

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Seaguar lines are made of the most advanced polymer material on the market 

Seaguar R18 BASS is a premium fluorocarbon line of the strength and flexibility. The line employs improved flexibility polymer for easiness in handling, while keeping its abrasion resistance.

A high quality fluorocarbon designed for lure fishing. A single layer structure designed for mainline applications. It’s a softer line that provides easy casting and exhibits a higher stretch. Available in breaking strains from 3lb through to 20lb in spools of 240m.

Perfect for the light tackle angler

Breaking strain: 4lb
Length: 240m
Diameter: 0.165mm
Gou: 1

Product code: S7203120S004000

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