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SENSHI EGI Pro Series Squid Jig 3.0 - PM

SENSHI EGI Pro Series Squid Jig 3.0 - PM

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Senshi Egi Pro Series jigs are advanced Japanese designed Egi jigs. Each jig is perfectly weight balanced for a precise lifelike swimming action with a high quality lead keel. Senshi Egi Pro Series Jigs feature High quality cloth materials, Oversized Eyes, high quality foils, UV finishes that attract Squid and can be recharged with any light source such as a torch or camera flash and have super sharp nickel prongs.

When using Senshi Egi Pro Series Jigs experiment with the depth and action you impart in the jig to find the desired action that attracts the most strikes.

Size 3.0

Sink Rate: 4 seconds per metre

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